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TwinN is widely used in organic production systems around the world where it supplies nitrogen, boosts crop growth and improves soil health. For an example of use of TwinN in organic potato farming refer to Trial results.

TwinN is certified for use in organic systems by regulatory organizations including:

  • The Biological Farmers Association of the Australia
  • WSDA in the United States
  • OMRI listed

PLEASE NOTE: A recommended starting point is to apply 50% of the normal rate of N fertiliser, plus TwinN, applied once or twice. Apply the N at the same stages of the crop cycle as usual. Many producers also test, in addition, a greater reduction down to 25% of normal N. Depending on soil fertility and crop needs most systems will produce long-term sustainable high yields at between 25 – 50% of normal N inputs. Start at 50% and work downwards.

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TwinN in organic systems
TwinN listed by Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)
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